Cai Qigong

Mr. Cai QiGong was elected an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences in1981. He is a professor and PhD candidate advisor at Tsinghua University, director of Chinese Society for Metals. He is among the first group of middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions.

Mr. Cai Qigong, a renowned metal expert, has long been engaged in the fundamental research of metallic materials and metal physics, making outstanding contributions to the introduction of fracture mechanics and theoretical studies. He has proved Wells-Burelekin empirical formula which was considered to be indemonstrable. He has also been repeatedly conferred with ministerial-level scientific and technological progress awards for proving Manson-Coffin formula with J-integral for the first time in the international community.

Wang Chongyu

Mr. Wang Chongyu was elected an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Member of Standing Committee of the Division of Technological Sciences. He is also a member of Academic Committee of CAS International Center for Materials Physics, an Honorable Professor and PhD candidate supervisor at University of Science and Technology Beijing, China University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, and Zhongnan University of Technology as well as the Director of Chinese Society for Metals and Chen Jiageng Foundation. As an expert in metal materials and the leader of a senior scientific research team, he has creatively widely applied modern quantum theory in the research of metal alloys. He has systematicly and innovatively studied defects and electronic structure of metals, making prominent contributions to the development of China´s materials science. He has won the third class invention prize twice and scientific and technological progress prizes of former Metallurgical Ministry for several times.

Yin Ruiyu

Mr. Yin Ruiyu, a noted metallurgical expert in China, was elected an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1994. He used to serve as chief engineer and vice manager of Tangshan Iron and Steel Company, director of Hebei Metallurgy Department, chief engineer and dvice minister of former Metallurgical Ministry, the President of Central Iron and Steel Research Institute, director of chemical, metallurgical and materials division of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Now he serves as a member of the presidium of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the director of Engineering Management Department, as well as the professor and PhD candidate supervisor of University of Science and Technology Beijing and Northeastern University. Mr. Yin Ruiyu has long been serving in metallurgical enterprises, scientific research units and state industrial administrative departments with great contributions to the scientific research, production and economy management especially the strategic judgment, orderly promotion and decision-making of technological advances for the Chinese iron and steel industry in 1990s. He organized the scientific programs to promote technologies of steel continuous casting, pulverized coal injection,continuous rolling of wire and rod and made breakthroughs. He also proposed a series of views on multi-dimensional material flow control in steel production process, analysis and integration of iron and steel production process, structural and development model optimization of iron and steel plants, and the environmental-protection reform of the iron and steel industry, having promoted the rapid development of Chinese iron and steel industry. He is the chief scientist of national climbing program "Fundamental Research of Smelting Reduction Technology ". He has won the first class scientific and technological progress awards from the former Ministry of Metallurgy for three times, and the second class national prize in a scientific and technological progress. Because of his tremendous achievements and contributions, he was awarded the 1998-1999 China Engineering Prize and was elected as an honorable member of Japan Iron and Steel Institute in 2002.

Li Zhengbang

Mr Li Zhengbang was elected an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1999. He is among the middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions, as well as a PhD candidate supervisor.

As a well-known special metallurgical expert at home and abroad and a pioneer in electro slag metallurgy, He has long been dedicating to the theoretical research and engineering practice of electro slag casting. He has received National Invention Award for three times, Award of National Conference on Science twice, ministry-level prizes for 14 times. He has published 14 articles in international journals and 87 in domestic publications, as well as 7 books including Electro Slag Casting..

Gan Yong

Mr Gan Yong was elected an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering as an expert in metallurgy in 2001. He now serves as the general manager of China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group, member of the Standing Committee of China Association for Science and Technology, Director of chemical, metallurgical and materials engineering department of Chinese Academy of Engineering, PhD candidate supervisor, also chairman of China Rare Earth Society, vice president of China Society for Metals, deputy director of China Materials Research Society, Director of National Engineering Research Center for Continuous Casting. Mr. Gan Yong have long been engaged in engineering research and technology promotion of steel continuous casting, new technology theory development, technology integration, and high efficiency continuous casting. He is the first to propose the semi-quantitative formula of rapid solidification of the CET free grain, the two-step control model of servo vibration system, engineering analysis method of mold electromagnetic confinement, calculating model for mold meniscus, coupling model and simulation software of the process of heat transfer and deformation. He has successfully developed China´s first semi-industrial and industrial thin slab continuous casting units on trial basis, and made further innovation in design theory of dual-elliptical surface in the mold, water gap and mould powder. He presided over the project of key efficient continuous casting equipment and systems technology development. He has been entitled to Government Special Allowance (GSA), middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions, outstanding contributor of Ninth-Five-Year scientific project. He is granted with 9 patents and has published over 60 pieces of papers and 3 books. He was awarded with the second grade National Scientific and Technological Progress awards in 1996 and 1999, respectively, and the metallurgical scientific and technological progress awards in 1995, 1998, 2000, 2002, respectively.

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